a unique exhibition series, demonstrating an exciting collaboration between illustrator & photographer..

8-bitscapes is a concept created by artist & illustrator
<Jamie Sneddon> & photographer <Kevin Rozario-Johnson>
With a 'giant nod' towards the world of 8-bit gaming these two
artists are producing an on-going series of limited edition prints.

These thought provoking images re-imagine well loved,
iconic, and retro digital characters in real life scenarios.
Framing them forever as they munch, invade, race, battle
and bleep their way around planet EARTTTTTHHHHHH!!

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“We've seen a few attempts
of combining the 8-bit aesthetic
with New York City,
but this is by far the best."

<Gothamist> on ‘PacManhattan’ 25.01.11

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The Monkey Lab, Unit 10 Beaconsfiled Studios,
25 Ditchling Rise, Brighton BN1 4QL, United Kingdom